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“Why use WIM systems in the first place?” The answer is simple: “Only a WIM system will provide detailed vehicle weight information!”

The worldwide increase in road usage is confronting governments, road owners and operators with the challenges of monitoring traffic and maintaining highways. Weigh In Motion (WIM) technology is the solution of choice for traffic monitoring, weight enforcement and weight-based tolling. A well-established WIM system is the key to sustainably managing and protecting the road infrastructure. 

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SEA Company — WIM Installer

SEA carries out the full scope of work on the implementation of Weigh-in-Motion systems, namely: design, software development, delivery, installation of equipment and supporting structures, as well as the commissioning and technical support of WIM systems.

SEA WIM - for traffic statistics: 

gross vehicle weight: ±15 % and axle loads: ±20 % 

SEA WIM - for pre-selection: 

gross vehicle weight: ±10 % and axle loads: ±15 % 

SEA WIM - for direct enforcement: 

gross vehicle weight: ±5 % and axle loads: ±10 %

SEA WIM - for tolling by weight: 

gross vehicle weight: ±5 % and axle loads: ±10 %

SEA WIM - for industrial applications: 

gross vehicle weight: ±5 % and axle loads: ±10 % 

SEA WIM - for bridges protection: 

Weigh In Motion systems ensure that bridges are protected from overstress by overloaded vehicles and trucks. 

SEA WIM - Services: 

SEA provides turnkey installation of WIM systems.- Designed and approved by authorized bodies.- Supply and installation of equipment.- Connection to electric and telecommunication networks.- Technical support during the whole life cycle.

SEA WIM - web-interface: 

WIM web-interface in Ukrainian.  SEA also developed an inspector-friendly mobile web-interface. 

SEA offers the most versatile solutions — from entry-level devices to sophisticated professional WIM equipment, which allows you to effectively use the capabilities of the customer’s system in accordance with its tasks. 

SEA's dedicated team has trained at the IRD's plant and is certified by Kistler. All WIM project managers, installation specialists, hardware and software engineers have practical experience working with the technologies that we use.

SEA and Partners — more than a 100 years of joint experience in road traffic technology field 

& more than 50 years — in Weigh-in-Motion!

International Road Dynamics Inc. 

IRD's scales have been used in commercial vehicle weigh station bypass systems for over 30 years.  Established 1980, IRD has been recognized as a world leader in the design, development, and deployment of customized technology solutions for the ITS industry. 

Kistler Group 

Kistler has 20 years of experience in Weigh-in-Motion. As pioneers of piezoelectric measurement technology, we have garnered more than six decades of application experience in countless industrial sectors. 

SEA Company

Since 2019 SEA has been implementing WIM systems.  Focusing on world trends and guided by the requirements of international norms and standards, SEA has been manufacturing modern high-tech traffic lights and traffic control systems since 2008. 

WIM system components 

SEA WIM is a modular system consisting of hardware and software, as well as a communications infrastructure that connects measuring sites and system data center (back-office).

WIM site equipment

Basic configuration includes WIM sensors, inductive loop detectors and roadside cabinet with WIM electronics (controllers, UPS, protection systems).

Additional equipment and constructions of WIM measuring sites:   


Virtual Weigh Stations feature the iSINC WIM Electronics, Quartz Sensors, License Plate Readers and Side View Cameras.

WIM data center equipment

Back-office of a Weight-in-Motion system provides fully automatic processing, collection and archiving of data for at least 50 (fifty) dynamic weighing sites for 10 (ten) or more calendar years with a traffic intensity of 50,000 vehicles per day in one direction. 

WIM software 

Multi-server system collects vehicle records on a central database server from any number of WIM sites and allows authorized users to connect to the server via the Internet and use a web browser to view records of any WIM measuring site. 

Data processing in the WIM dynamic weighing system is provided by the following software modules:

WIM web-interface 

Administrators, dispatchers and inspectors of the Weight-in-Motion system can access its data on their workstations (AWS) using a browser and personal log-in information. System provides the ability to define different levels of access for users in accordance with their functional authority. 

SEA has developed a mobile web-interface for inspectors.

The web interface of the inspector allows you to:

The dynamic weighing system displays the following vehicle parameters to inspectors:


High Speed Weigh-in-Motion Pilot System in Ukraine for direct enforcement

is a project for the design, supply and installation of 20 lanes of WIM monitoring systems that will be deployed at six sites covering arterial roads around the country’s capital, Kyiv. The system’s accuracy is in accordance to COAST A(5). The project also covers the set up of a back-office system, in addition to related civil works and communication infrastructure.

SEA is part of a three-member consortium that will build the Ukraine’s first commercial vehicle enforcement system: 

The turnkey project was awarded by The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor).

The main objective of the project is to implement a modular system comprised of software, hardware and communication infrastructure for Ukravtodor. The WIM back-office system collecting real-time traffic data and will support the enforcement of overweight and over-dimension commercial vehicles, as well as vehicles that may be in violation of local operating regulations. The data and analytics provided by IRD’s high-speed enforcement systems will also be used for more substantiated and streamlined planning of maintenance and repair of Kiev’s arterial road network.

Complementary  technologies for the WIM systems is a vehicle dimensioning systems and off-scale detection. This will provide real-time information on a vehicle’s length, width, and height, as well as lane position in addition to axle load and gross vehicle weights. Designed for use in harsh weather and environments, WIM equipment will be able to cope with Ukraine’s often extreme climatic conditions.

Implemented by SEA and partners the Weigh In Motion System helps to detect and identify overloaded cars in real time - with guaranteed accuracy. 

“We are extremely pleased and honored to have received this contract,” commented Randy Hanson, IRD’s president and chief executive officer. “We look forward to working together with our joint venture partners in delivering Ukraine’s very first integrated network of weigh-in-motion systems providing Ukravtodor with our world class, innovative and effective screening solutions to improve the overall efficiency and safety of its highway network.” 

Site WIM1 (2 lanes / one direction)

Site WIM2 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM6 (2 lanes / one direction)

Site WIM3 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM4 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM5 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM9 (2 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM23 (2 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM10 (2 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM13 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM11 (4 lanes / two directions)

Site WIM12 (2 lanes / two directions)

SEA offers the most efficient WIM solutions for the customer tasks. 

For expert advice and to purchase WIM equipment or systems contact the SEA office by phone +38 (044) 330-00-88 or by email: info@sea.com.ua.